At Genki 2016 the cosplayer, MeanKitteh Cosplay, won the Danish qualifiers for the Cosplay World Masters (CWM) with her Linkle cosplay from the game: Hyrule Warriors Legends. The pictures of her cosplay for the qualifiers can be seen below and are all taken by KJC Photograpy

This is only the second time Denmark has participated in CWM, since it began in 2011. The first time was in 2013, when Samie Cosplay qualified via J-Popcon, who held the qualifiers at the time.

This was, however, the first time Denmark reach the Top 3, when MeanKitteh Cosplay secured a solid 2nd place and thus set the bar fairly high for Denmark next year. The recording and photo below is of when MeanKitteh Cosplay won and are provided by our spokespenguin, Leonidas.

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