Expo Hall

At Genki, in addition to Danish National laws, there a several rules that participants must abide by, in order to ensure that everyone has a good time at the convention.

Breaking any of these rules will, depending on severity, result in a warning or a ban from the rest of the convention. Several warnings can also trigger a ban. Breaking a law will result in a ban and being reported to the police.

  1. The Expo Hall staff has the right to limit guest access to the Expo Hall in accordance with fire safety laws, if the Expo Hall is too crowded.
  2. We ask guest to enjoy their meals outside the Expo Hall. Snacks and drinks in closed containers are allowed.
  3. Do not run or behave erratically in the Expo Hall.
  4. Staying close to the emergency doors are not allowed for longer periods.
  5. Be sure to have valid ID if you intend to buy items with an age limit according to the Danish law, such as hentai or gore.
  6. Do not purchase a metal weapon replica, unless you are able to bring it home with you immediately after; Genki does not offer storage of metal weapons.
  7. Do not loiter in front of a dealer booth or artist table; you are blocking potential customers. If asked to move, please do so without delay.
  8. Do not place your bags or belongings on a dealer booth or artist table, or worse, leave behind trash such as used tissues, candy wrappers, etc.
  9. Please do not share unsolicited negative criticism with an artist about their art. Please do share unsolicited positive comments. We’re all here to have a nice time, after all.
  10. To avoid art theft, photos centred around an artist’s table or specific artwork is not permitted, without consent from the artist(s) in question.