At Genki, in addition to Danish National laws, there a several rules that participants must abide by, in order to ensure that everyone has a good time at the convention.

Breaking any of these rules will, depending on severity, result in a warning or a ban from the rest of the convention. Several warnings can also trigger a ban. Breaking a law will result in a ban and being reported to the police.

Special for the photo/video rules is that in addition to warnings and a possible ban, The Reactor reserves the right to copy the contents of the violator’s memory card(s) to a computer owned by The Reactor and/or wipe the memory card(s) clean if the violation is severe enough.

  1. Pictures taken of any guest on the convention grounds must not be of an inappropriate nature.
  2. It is not permitted to photograph or record any identifiable individual(s) without their consent, if they are the focus of the photograph/recording.
  3. If asked by a guest to delete a photograph the guest identifiably appears in, the photographer must comply. The photographer can take a new picture without the individual in question.
  4. Recording of any kind is strictly prohibited in the convention’s movie theatres.
  5. Convention staff and security, upon identifying themselves, have the right to review any photographer’s photos, if they suspect a violation of the rules.
  6. Photos and/or videos recorded on the convention grounds may under no circumstance be used for commercial purposes (i.e. earning money from the usage of the materials), without written consent from The Reactor.
    1. If such an agreement is of interest, please contact the PR group for consultation.
    2. Responsibility for getting informed consent of the people in the photo/video, if such is needed, falls on the party who took the photo or recorded the video.
  7. Instructions by convention staff and signs addressing press/photographers are to be adhered to at all times while on convention grounds.
  8. Pictures and video may not be recorded using additional lighting equipment (e.g. a camera flash or flash device) during stage events, unless otherwise stated at the beginning of the event.
  9. Genki’s team leaders (can be recognized by their T-shirts) have the authority to pass judgement and resolve disputes or arguments about the photo rules, should they arise.
    1. If the team leader in question cannot resolve the dispute, the Head of PR is to be consulted. If a resolution is still not reached or if the head of PR is absent, the final verdict falls upon the Head Organizer of Genki.
    2. Any decision made by the heads of the PR group or of Genki is final.