Last updated on February 28, 2016


Ticket sales are currently handled by Billetlugen.

How long does my ticket last?

A weekend ticket lasts from Genki opens on Friday to Genki closes again on Sunday.
A one-day ticket lasts from midnight of the respective day to 3 AM the following morning, albeit within Genki's opening hours.
A sleep hall ticket is valid for both nights; Friday to Saturday, and Saturday to Sunday.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

It's possible to buy one-day and weekend tickets at the door at a slightly higher pricer than if you had bought it through Billetlugen.
It is not possible to buy sleep hall tickets at the door.

I'm disabled and need an aid; do I need to purchase an additional ticket?

No. Both weekend and one-day tickets include free access for an aid to disabled, as long as they can produce valid documentation, However, if they want to sleep at Genki's sleep hall, they need to purchase a sleep hall ticket,

How do I refund my ticket

Ticket refunds are handled through BilletLugen, who only refunds tickets if you've purchased a cancellation insurance, which only covers certain circumstances, such as death in the family, exams, sudden illness, etc. The insurance costs up to 20 DKK, and can be added to your purchase in the final payment step.

Am I allowed to sell my ticket?

Yes, you are, however, you must handle the sale yourself, and you may not sell it for more than what you've paid for it. If you don't have a buyer, we recommend that you make use of our Facebook group.

Someone else's name is on the ticket; is that a problem?

None whatsoever. The only thing that matters is the bar code - we don't use the name on the ticket for anything.


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