Genki 2018
Farum Arena
August 3-5

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About us

Genki began in 2009

and has been held annually in the warm summer months ever since!
The organisation behind Genki, however, has changed many times, most recently in January 2015, where it was bought by the non-profit company, The Reactor ApS, which has been trying to strengthen Genki's foundation, rather than constantly try to expand.
The focus remains the same though: to make Genki the most awesome and pleasurable j-pop convention in Denmark, and eventually in the Nordic Countries.

  • Cosplay

    Lots of people in cosplay

  • Events

    Always something to do

  • Socializing

    Meet new and old friends

  • Fun

    A guaranteed fun experience

The Reactor

Genki's steering committee
☢ Ejer af The Reactor ApS
☢ Genkis leder
☢ Ansvarlig for sponsorater
☢ Ansvarlig for PR
Jill L. Petersen
Jill L. Petersen
☢ Repræsentant for visuelt design
☢ Ansvarlig for madboder
☢ Ansvarlig for logistik
☢ Repræsentant for RTF
Peter M. Gomez
Peter M. Gomez
☢ Repræsentant for Events
☢ Repræsentant for Game Room
☢ Repræsentant for Cinema
Stella Svensson
Stella Svensson
☢ Repræsentant for Sleep Hall
☢ Repræsentant for Info & Check-in
Jeannet F. Erlandsen
Jeannet F. Erlandsen
☢ Ansvarlig for VIPs
☢ Ansvarlig for Expo Hall
Merlin Koonz
Merlin Koonz
☢ Repræsentant for Tech
☢ Repræsentant for Cosplay
☢ Repræsentant for Entertainment
Mathias T. Kastrup
Mathias T. Kastrup
☢ Repræsentant for Maid Café
☢ Repræsentant for Alpaca Lounge
☢ Repræsentant for 18+ Lounge
Leonidas D. Penguin
Leonidas D. Penguin
☢ Uofficiel maskot
☢ Talspingvin