Have you ever wondered about what keeps all this madness together? It’s the volunteers!

Genki’s success is thanks to the people, who take the leap and help the events unfold as planned, and thereby ensure that Genki is the best it can be.

If you’ve reached this page, it’s because you’d like to know more about how YOU could become a volunteer, and we thank you for your interest! Genki is an great place to work, whether you’re a rookie at conventions or a veteran – we’ll take great care of you and help you get started!

As a volunteer, we can promise you the following things:

  • Your very own staff T-shirt! NICE!
  • Free access to the convention with a sleeping spot! DOUBLE NICE!!
  • Lunch arrangements! Nom nom!
  • A goodie bag!
  • And of course a totally awesome place to work!!

There are, however, 3 things you should know as the bare minimum, before signing up:

  • You must have turned 16 years old by the time Genki starts.
  • You will work roughly 10-14 hours over the course of the weekend, not including prepping and packing.
  • If you receive financial benefits of any kind, consult with your caseworker first.

We also recommend that you read the rule page for staff for more details: Rules >> Staff

If you’re still interested – of course you are! – then you can create an account and signed up for an open team at staff.genki.dk! Be part of the team, wear our weapon crest with honour, and have a mega awesome time as a volunteer at Genki!