Free Hugs

At Genki, in addition to Danish National laws, there a several rules that participants must abide by, in order to ensure that everyone has a good time at the convention.

Breaking any of these rules will, depending on severity, result in a warning or a ban from the rest of the convention. Several warnings can also trigger a ban. Breaking a law will result in a ban and being reported to the police.

  1. The dimensions of a “Free hugs” sign may not exceed that of a standard A4 page and the sign’s content must not be offensive in nature.
  2. Do not hug someone without their consent, as not everyone are comfortable with physical contact, especially with strangers.
  3. Do not display harassing behaviour or forcefully solicit hugs from people. Examples include shoving your “Free hugs” sign up their faces, following them around, and jumping out in front of them repeatedly.
  4. Respect a person’s answer. If they say no or refuse to give a hug, move along. There are plenty of others who want hugs!