Rules & Expectations.

  • You must be at least 16 years old by the time Genki takes place.
  • Over the course of Genki, you’ll be working at least 8 hours, not including prepping and packing.
  • If you receive social benefits of any kind (A-Kasse, Kontantj├Žlp, etc.), we recommend that you contact your case worker and get approval to work at Genki – else, they might reduce your benefits for the month in question.
  • You must permit that we collect your criminal record and children offender register if such is required
    • These will only be reviewed by the CEO and will not be disclosed to anyone else.
    • The records will be destroy immediately following review.
  • That you’re on time for your shifts and that you are courteous to guests and the other volunteers.
  • You follow the basic rules for behaviour.
  • You follow the guidelines specified in the ’employee handbook’ that you’ll receive at Genki.

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