At Genki, in addition to Danish National laws, there a several rules that participants must abide by, in order to ensure that everyone has a good time at the convention.

Breaking any of these rules will, depending on severity, result in a warning or a ban from the rest of the convention. Several warnings can also trigger a ban. Breaking a law will result in a ban and being reported to the police.

  1. All weapons, including “cosplay weapons” (henceforth included in the terms “weapons”), must abide to the Danish National Laws of Weaponry.
  2. Any dispute regarding the nature of an object as a weapon is settled by organizers of the convention. Any decision made by a high ranking official is final.
  3. Dangerous and haphazard usage of weapons will result in immediate confiscation, regardless of how safe the weapon is.
  4. Any exposed metal parts of any weapon must be blunt, either by being ground dull or covered extensively, so as to not pose any danger at all to other guests.
  5. Any weapon must not be so large, that the responsible guest cannot handle it safely, however, we’ve set an upper limit of 3 metres.
  6. The convention reserves the right to deny a participant entry to any single event, if the weapons posses any kind of danger or hindrance to that particular event.
List of prohibited weapons

The following weapons and classes of weapons are prohibited on Genki’s convention grounds.

Metal weapons; including, but not limited to:
Swords, knives, maces, shuriken, etc.
Metal armour is allowed, as long as there are no sharp edges. Metal armor will be checked upon check in to the convention
Projectile weaponry; including but not limited to:
Air soft guns, hardball guns, working replica firearms, BB guns, crossbows, water guns, etc.
Exceptions are made upon confirming by inspection that the weaponry under no possible situation can fire a projectile
Chemical based weapons or explosives; including but not limited to:
Fire works, smoke bombs, stink bombs, etc.
Electrically driven tools; including but not limited to:
Chainsaws, power tools, etc.
Objects of such nature, such that they can be used as weapons:
Hard staffs (e.g. hardwood staffs), baseball bats, etc.