At Genki, in addition to Danish National laws, there a several rules that dealers must abide by, in order to ensure that everyone has a good time at the convention. Additionally, all individuals are expected to follow Genki’s general rules.

  1. You may not sell items that do not adhere to Danish law – this includes bootlegs, which are strictly forbidden.
  2. Hentai and other explicitly erotic material, regardless of genre, may only be sold to guests older that 16 years of age, as per Danish Criminal Law, ch. 24, ยง234
    1. The dealer must ask the guest to show ID before the transaction is completed.
    2. Pornographic and excessively violent material must not be openly displayed, due to the presence of young children.
    3. Genki reserves the right to ask for ID following a transaction or to ask a seller to remove or cover up specific items for sale that do not follow the rules at Genki.

  3. Metal weapons, even blunt ones, may only be sold to valid weapon collector’s licence holders. Dealers will be instructed on-site how a weapon collector’s license looks like.
    1. The dealer must ask the guest to show picture ID and weapon collector’s license before the transactions is completed. If you have doubts about the license’s validity, please as someone from the Dealer Hall staff for help.
    2. Genki strongly advises dealers to reserve weapons until the final day of the convention, or until the buyer is about to leave, as Danish Law only allows carrying metal weapons to/from a purchase/sale and then straight home.

  4. The sale of “Mystery Bags” and similar is not permitted
  5. Using high energy consumption devices, such as rice cookers, microwaves, electric kettles, is not permitted, as the electric grid in the Dealer Hall cannot support them! If you need to use any such device, please go to the Alpaca Lounge.
  6. Things may not be taped directly to the floor or wall without permission from Dealer Halls staff, as a special no-mark tape is required to not ruin the floors and walls.

The Dealer Hall staff reserves the right to ask the dealers to remove one or more suspect products from the booths.

They may also contact the main organizers to issue warnings, if the products aren’t removed. Should a dealer receive three warnings, they will be asked to leave convention and possibly be quarantined from subsequent Genki, as well as other conventions, depending on the severity.